Friday, May 14, 2010

The First Year 3D!

One year ago today, I started this blog. 45 posts later, I realize that I might have something worth continuing and never imagined the incredible support I would get from readers, as well as terrific bloggers like Craig Simpson, Jason Bellamy, Ed Howard amongst others (please visit all of the blogs listed on the right side of this page) who usually comment here. That there are people out there reading my words and the possibility that they provoke thoughts and ideas satisfies me more than anything else about this blog. As I always say, I never expect anyone to agree with me, as much as I want to encourage everyone to bring ideas and arguments to the table. You can read any of the comments on any given post and be amazed at the lack of trolling and juvenile behavior that plague so many movie sites.

I will also admit that I did get an additional morale boost last month when someone we all read decided to use his status to bring attention to smaller film blogs including mine, for which I am eternally grateful. It always encourages me when someone I respect and, in this case, idolize, reads what I write and does not think I am completely off my rocker. I do hope to further evolve this blog to see what else I can get away with. I have some pieces cooking for the future, as well as some interesting projects elsewhere that may be featured here, one of which I am particularly excited about.

I can tell you that there will definitely be an increase in video pieces like the one I did for the two "Bad Lieutenant" films. I am an editor, so that should not come as a surprise. It is my belief that video essays will play more of a part in the future of film discussion on the internet, so I want to encourage this by contributing some of my own. I also plan to start doing more television posts, as there is much more to be discussed about a show like "Breaking Bad" than anything Hollywood plans to release this summer.

This blog will also discuss any interesting projects I work on as an editor, if the circumstances allow, as I would like to write more about the different crafts in both film and television. The first year of this blog definitely skewed towards more traditional written reviews of newer films, but I do promise there will be more older films to be the subject of written or video pieces, whether I am watching them for the first time or revisiting a classic or less-than-classic. Once again, if Hollywood continues to release what they're putting out now, I plan to largely ignore those movies and talk about something more interesting. That's why I enjoy the freedom of blogging.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who reads this blog and hope all of you come back for more in year two of this endeavor. I cannot express enough how much I am encouraged by those willing to spend the time reading my words.


Jason Bellamy said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

The Fine Cut is a wonderful addition to the blogosphere, and one that proves my theory: it's not about how much a blogger posts; it's about the quality of what that blogger posts. Your blog has come about at a time when I've been especially busy, when time for blogging (writing and reading) has been scarce. But what I love about The Fine Cut is that I know that whenever I get around to reading your latest post, it will reward me.

I'm excited for what you'll do the second year, including the addition of more video analyses. Keep up the good work. You've earned all the praise to come your way.

Craig said...

Congratulations, Steven. You've added a lot of pleasure to my reading and viewing habits over the past year and I look forward to more. Now, if I can only catch-up with your recent flurry of posts -- too much good stuff for one sitting!....

FilmDr said...

Congratulations, Steven!

Steven Santos said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. It does satisfies me when others are getting something out of this blog. I can't mention enough that reading all of your blogs has inspired me a great deal.

Edward Copeland said...

As I have become the recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award, I'm now passing that honor onto you.